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6 marzo, 2014


Holy Week (Semana Santa) is celebrated among all the Christians but it is undoubtedly the biggest event of the year in Seville for which people are preparing for months. The city by the time you arrive is full with thousands of tourists so if you want to enjoy it you need to plan your trip much earlier – best hotels in Seville are usually fully booked.

The main elements of the celebration of Semana Santa are processions organized by cofradías or hermandades. Processions continue throughout the whole week in a various parts of Seville and some of them can last for dozen of hours.

Cartel Semana Santa 2014

Here are some hints how to fully appreciate Semana Santa, especially if it’s your first time:

1. It’s necessary to get a schedule with specific hours and places of the processions. You will find it on the Internet or as a gratis with many newspapers.

2. It’s very hard, if not impossible, to see all the processions during the day, so better choose a few from the schedule and make sure you arrive to desirable location long before it starts and that you can see it from the shortest possible distance.

3. Because each of the processions has a different route, it is difficult to find a perfect place to see them. Nonetheless it’s the best to watch them in narrow streets and squares where are the details can be visible. Staying in a hotel in a historical centre of Seville, full of narrow streets, can make this task much easier.

4. Since most of the procession passes by the Cathedral, the church is open for everyone – it’s worth to take a look inside. Normally, the cost of the ticket for the Cathedral is 8 Euros.

5. For residents of Seville Semana Santa is an event that requires formal clothing. So you will see a lot of suits, ties, dresses and high heels. Therefore, in these days you can wear more elegant clothes; however, it should be comfortable. The most important are the shoes, sometimes you spend several hours in one place, so heels are probably not the best idea!

If you plan the Holy Week in advance you will experience something truly extraordinary and inspiring. This time of various processions is a chance to see Spanish traditions so famous in the whole world. Semana Santa is one of the biggest manifestations of Spanish culture and one thing is certain – it is an unforgettable experience for everyone.

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