The Seville April Fair with one week of festivities

12 mayo, 2014

The Seville April Fair is a week long festival held annually in the Andalusian capital of Seville in Spain, it has gained worldwide notoriety and it is a well visited fair for both Spaniards and foreigners.

One of the primary aspects of the fair is the thousands of casetas (tents) scattered throughout the city, by the river banks and at the fairground. The casetas are mostly privately owned and an invitation is required to enter, although there are several that are available to the public and tourists. The prominent families of Seville have their own casetas, and the others are owned buy companies, organizations, and groups of friend’s or neighborhoods.

In the casetas you have cover from the summer sun and the party goes on all night, food and drink is served, mainly dishes of tapas, wine and beer.

A drink very popular in Spain and particularly in the Andalucía region is the Rebujito, one of the healthiest cocktails there is as it is packed with vitamins and antioxidants, there is no one recipe for the Rebujito as it can be made in various ways and with varying ingredients.


This is a must to try particularly if you take into consideration that the Spaniards usually are in their casetas until six in the morning.

During this week you will se the men in the traditional “traje corto” a short jacket with tight trousers, a hat called “cordobes” and boots. The women will be dressed in the famous “trajes de flamenca” the flamenco dress.

There will be dancing in the streets and in the casetas, in Seville they have their own distinct music form called “sevillana” which is what they dance to.

The fair originated in 1847 as a cattle fair but through the patronage of the right people (Isabel II) and the introduction of the first three casetas belonging to the duke and duchess of Montpensier, the casino of Seville and the town hall the cattle part of the fair quickly came in the shadows of the festivities, and the festivities became a public affair which has lasted till this day.


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