Zero transportation costs!

10 marzo, 2014


Giralda de SevillaYou don’t have to include transportation costs in your budget if you plan to visit Seville, so don’t worry about it. The tourist places of Seville are concentrated in a relatively small area, so it is perfectly possible to walk from one corner to the other within a couple of minutes. You can instead use this budget for some tapas and wine, or any other delicious food that you will definitely find here.

Renting a car will be a waste of time and money because you will have to move around town looking for parking lots and you will definitely have to pay for it. Staying at a hotel that is located in the heart of Seville makes thing easier and much more conformable. Plus, while you walk from one point to another, you will walk by building and stores that you would have probably missed if you where driving. Seville has several small streets and alleys which makes some places hard to find and kind of hidden; so be attentive and have your eyes open while you walk.


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